February 2019

When we fall in love, we have an expansive sense of our potential both as individuals and as a couple. Together we can go further than alone! Gradually, we ease into a comfortable state of complementarity. You do the social planning, and I’ll do the budgeting. You are the scientist and I’m the artist. Eventually, significant parts of ourselves, our unconscious potential, withers or is fulfilled through our partner or children. What began with so much potential tilts to a dull stasis. A tepid ‘two ships in the night’ resignation, an affair, an addiction, a divorce…or new life can emerge from this unconscious counter-balancing. This talk will explore the possibilities of such renewal. Not a renewal of some former romantic glory, but a renewal based in reclaiming parts of ourselves that got lost in the very act of coupledom. Risking the journey of developing greater wholeness in ourselves while supporting its flourishing in our partner can become the greatest act of love! ‘Partnering’ with our inner wholeness simultaneously brings freshness, vitality and adventure into all our relationships! Together we can go further than alone while honouring the necessity of our own individuation.