November 2018

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with Dr. Marlene Schiwy, PhD

Friday, November 23 7:00pm

Stan Hagen Theatre, North Island College

Marlene is a writer, workshop leader, university instructor, Jungian counsellor, and Body Soul Writing mentor. With an extensive background in literature and writing, music and movement, soulwork has been the essence of her personal life and vocational calling. After completing Marion Woodman’s Leadership Training program, she studied Jungian theory and analytic practice, and Authentic Movement at the International School for Analytical Psychology in Zurich from 2005-2007. Along with a deep love for Jung’s depth psychology and Marion Woodman’s exploration of the Conscious Feminine, Marlene’s approach is influenced by James Hillman’s love of the image and Helen Luke’s work on story.

C. G. Jung said that the modern world has lost touch with our collective myth, and that the mystery of who we are lies buried deep within our individual souls. Our dreams, fantasies, and irrational longings connect us with the archetypal world of imagination and can guide us in our search for meaning in life.

Throughout Marlene’s life, gypsies have appeared in her dreams and waking fascinations as companions on her soul’s journey. This evening we will consider the gypsy archetype as an image of yearning and exile from soul, of passionate immersion in life and the possibility of living in full colour.

To follow the gypsy is to follow the soul’s deepest promptings, led by instinct and intuition, imagination and desire. To follow the gypsy is to saunter and peregrinate, turn around and circle back for a second look, and savour the moment with curious eyes. During the presentation, everyone will be invited to reflect on a significant image or symbol in his or her own life by means of a brief writing exercise.
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