Our database of library of books for loan to members only is currently under extensive re-organization. The current plan is to have books available for reservation by contacting us through the contact form below with subsequent delivery/pick-up at the next lecture. During our non-lecture season, which is mostly the summer, special requests for delivery or pick up may be possible so please ask. A small selection of non-reserved books will also be available at lectures.
Below is our current list of books. To order simply highlight & copy the book details then paste in the “Book Detail” box below

Author Last nameFirst NameBook TitleNotes
AnthonyMaggyStriving Toward WholenessThe Valkyries
BeckerUdoThe Continuum Encyclopedia of Symbols
BertineEleanorJung's Contribution To Our TimeThe collected papers of Eleanor Bertine
BertmanSandra L.Facing Death, Images Insights & Intervention
Birkhauser-OeriSibylleThe MotherArchetypal Image in Fairy Tales
BlyRobertA Little Book on the Human Shadow
BolenJean ShinodaGoddesses In Every Woman
BolenJean ShinodaGods in EverymanA New Psychology of Men's Lives & Loves
BosnahRobertA Little Course in Dreams
BroadribbDonaldThe Mystical Chorus, Jung & the Religious Dimension
BryceDerekSymbolism of the Celtic Cross
BuberMartinI & ThouTranslation by Walter Kaufmann
CampbellJosephOriental Mythology
The Masks of God
CampbellJosephThe Power MythWith Bill Moyers
CarlsonKathieIn Her Image
ChetwyndTomDictionary of Symbols
CirlotJ.E.A Dictionary of Symbols
ClayCatrineLabyrinthsEmma Jung her marriage to Carl & the early years of Psychoanalysis
DallettJanet O.Saturday's ChildEncounters withy the Dark gods
DallettJanet O.When the Spirits Come Back
DallettJanet O.When the Spirits Come Back
DelaneyGayleSensual DreamingHow to Understand & Interpret the Erotic Content of Your Dreams
DourleyJohn P.A Strategy for a Loss of FaithJung's Proposal
DourleyJohn P.Psyche as SacramentA Comparative Study of C.G. Jung & Paul Tillich
DourleyJohn P.The Psyche as SacramentA comparative study of C. G. Jung & Paul Tillich
DunneCarrinBehold WomanA Jungian Approach to Feminist Theology
EdingerEdward F.Ego & Archetype
EdingerEdward F.Ego & Archetype
EdingerEdward F.Goethe's FaustNotes for a Jungian Commentary
EdingerEdward F.The Creation Of ConsciuosnessJung's Myth for modern Man
Edited by GriffinDavid RayArchetypal ProcessSelf & Divine in Whitehaed,Jung& Hillman
EliadeMirceaMyths Dreams & Mysteries
EliadeMirceaPatterns in Comparative Religion
EstesClarissa PinkolaThe Faithful Gardener
FincherSusanne F.Creating MandalasForward Robert Johnson
FordClyde W.The Hero with an African Face
FordhamFriedaAn Introduction to Jungs Psychology
GoodchildVeronicaEros & ChaosThe Sacred Mysteries & Dark Shadows of Love
GrafFritzGreek Mythology an introduction
GrofStanislavThe Adventure of Self Discovery
Guggenbuhl-CraigAdolfEros On CrutchesReflections on Amorality & Psychopathy
HannahBarbaraStriving Toward Wholeness
HannahBarbaraThe Inner JourneyLectures & Essays on Jungian Psychology
HardingM. EstherWoman's Mysteries Ancient & Modern
HendersonJoseph L.Cultural attitudes in Psychological Perspective
HillmanJamesThe Force of Character
& the Lasting Life
HillmanJamesThe Myth of AnalysisThree essays in Archetypal Pschology
HillmanJamesThe Souls CodeIn search of Character & Calling
HillmanJamesIn SearchPsychology & Religion
HoellerStephan A.Jung & the Lost GospelsInsights into The Dead Sea Scrolls & the Nag Hammadi Library
HollisJamesCreating a LifeFinding Your Individual Path
HollisJamesIn Search of the Magical OtherThe Eden Project
HollisJamesOn This Journey We Call LifeLiving the Questions
HollisJamesThe Middle Passage_From misery to meaning in midlife
HollisJamesWhy Good People Do Bad Things
HopckeRobert H.Men's Dreams, Men's Healing
HoustonJeanThe Hero & the GoddessThe Odyssey as Mystery & Initiation
HowellAliceThe Web in the SeaJung, Sophia & the Geometry of the Saoul
JacksonGrahamThe Sacred Lore of GardeningPatterns of male Intimacy
JaffeLawrence W.Liberating the HeartSpirituality & Jungian Psychology
JamisonKay RedfieldTouched with Fire_Manic depressive illness and the Artistic Temperament
JoacobyMarioThe Analytic EncounterTransference & Human Relationship
JohnsonRobert A.Feminity Lost & Regained
JohnsonRobert A.Feminity Lost & Regained
JohnsonRobert A.HeUnderstanding Masculine Psychology
JohnsonRobert A.HeUnderstanding Masculine Psychology
JohnsonRobert A.HeUnderstanding Masculine Psychology
JohnsonRobert A.Owning Your Own Shadow
JohnsonRobert A.SheUnderstanding Femine Psychology
JohnsonRobert A.SheUnderstanding Femine Psychology
JohnsonRobert A.The Fisher King & the Handless Maiden
JohnsonRobertInner WorkUsing Dreams & active imagination for personal growth
JonesKathyThe Goddess in Glastonbury
JungC.G.Aspects of the FeminineTranslated by R.F.C. Hull
JungC.G.DreamsTranslation by R.F C. Hull
JungC.G.Flying Saucers
JungC.G.Four ArchetypesTranslation by R.F C. Hull Mother/Rebirth/Spirit/Trickster
JungC.G.Modern Man in Search of Soul
JungC.G.On The Nature of the PsycheTranslation by R.F C. Hull
JungC.G.Psychology & Religion
JungC.G.The Basic Writings of C.G. Jung
JungC.G.The Portable JungEdited by Joseph Campbell
JungC.G.The Portable JungEdited by Joseph Campbell
JungC.G.The Portable JungEdited by Joseph Campbell
JungC.G.The Spirit in Man, Art, Literature
JungC.G.The Spirit in Man, Art, Literature
JungC.G.Psychology & Alchemy
JungC.G.Psychological Types
Jung/von FranzEmma/Marie-LouiseThe Grail Legend
Kaplan-WilliamsStrephonThe Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork ManualA step-by-step Introduction to Working with dreams
KnappBettina L.Women, Myth & the Feminine Principal
Kurtz/KetchamErnest/KatherineThe Spirituality of ImperfectionStorytelling & the Journey to Wholeness
Labovitz-Boik/ GoodwinBarbara/E. AnnaSandplay TherapyA step-by-step manual for Psychotherapists of Diverse Orientations
LachmanGaryJung the MysticThe esoteric dimensions of Jung's life & teachings
LeonardLinda SchierseWitness to the Fire, Creativity & the Veil of Addiction
LittleGregory L.The Archetype ExperienceResolving the UFO mystery & riddle of Biblical Prophecy using Jung's concept of synchronicity
LockhartRussell ArthurPsyche SpeaksA jungian approach to self & world
Loewe/BlackerMichael/CarmenOracles & Divination
MalchiodiCathy A.The Art Therapy Source Book
MankowitzAnnChange of LifeA Psychological Study of Dreams & the Menopause
Mazer/WitenbergMilton/EarlAn Outline of Psychoanalysis
McNeelyDeldon AnneAnimus AeternusExploring the Inner Masculine
MertonThomasNo Mans an Island
MindellArnoldDreambodyThe Body's Role in Revealing the Self
MindellArnoldRiver's WayThe Process Science of the Dreambody
MoacaninRadmilaJung's Psychology & Tibetan Buddhism
MoonSheilaDreams of a Woman
MooreThomasThe Education of the Heart
MooreThomasThe Souls ReligionCultivating a Profoundly Spiritual Way of Life
MooreThomasOriginal SelfLiving with Paradox & Originality
OaklanderVioletWindows to Our Children
OdajnykVolodymyr WalterJung & PoliticsForeword Marie-Louise von Franz
Ortiz HillMichael/CarmenDreaming The End of the WorldApocalypse as rite of passage
PalmerParker J.To Know as we are Known
PearsonCarol S.Awakening the Heroes Within
PearsonCarol S.The Hero Within
PearsonCarl S.The Hero WithinSix Archetypes we live by
PereraSylvia BrintonDescent to the GoddessA Way of Initiation for Women
PereraSylvia BrintonThe Scapegoat ComplexToward a Mythology of Shadow & Guilt
PretatJane R.Coming to AgeThe Croning Years & Late-life Transformation
Qualls-CorbettNancyThe Sacred ProstituteEternal Aspect of the Feminine Foreward by Marion Woodman
RaffJefferyJung & the Alchemical ImaginationThe alchemical art & its allegories are the dram of our own souls
ReidClyde H.DreamsDiscovering your inner teacher
RobertsonRobinBeginners Guide to Jungian Pschology
RogersCarl R.A Way of Being
RomanyshynRobert D.Technology as Symptom & Dream
SamuelsAndrewJung & the Post-Jungians
SanfordJohn A.King Saul The Tragic HeroA Study in Individuation
SanfordJohn A.The Invisible PartnersHow the male & Female in each of us affects our relationships
SanfordJohn A.The Man Who Wrestled with GodLight from the Old Testament on the Psychology of Individuation
SardelloRobertFreeing the Soul from Fear
SardelloRobertLove & the Soulcreating a Future for the Earth
Schwartz-SalantNathanNarcissism & Character TransformationThe Psychology of Narcissistic Character Disorders
SegalRobert A.Jung on Mythology
SellsBenjaminWorking with ImagesThe Theoretical Base of Archetypal Psychology
SerranoMiguelJung & HesseA record of Two Friendships
Shapiro/PartridgeJordan RoxanneOccupy PsycheJungian & Archetypal perspectives on Movement
SharpDarylC. G. Jung LexiconA primer of terms & concepts
SharpDarylPersonality TypesJung's Model of Typology
SharpDarylThe Survival PapersAnatomy of a Midlife Crisis
ShearerAnnAthene, Image & Energy
SingerJuneBoundaries of the Soul
Sjoo/MorMonica/ BarbaraThe Great Cosmic Mother,Rediscoverying the Religion of the Earth
SpiegelmanJ. MarvinPsychology & Religion at the Millenium & Beyond
SpiegelmanJ. MarvinThe Divine WabaA Jungian exploration of Spiritual Paths
Spiegelman/MiyukiJ. Marvin/MokusenBuddhism & Jungian Pschology
SpielreinSabinaA Secret Symmetry (between Jung & Freud)The untold story of the woman who changed the early history of psychoanalysis
SteinMurrayJungs Map of the SoulAn introduction
SteinMurrayJung's Treatment of ChristianityThe Psychology of a Religious Tradition
SteinRobertLove Sex & MarriageCollected essays foreword by James Hillman
SteinRobertThe Betrayal of the Soul in Psychotherapy
StevensAnthonyPrivate MythsDreams & Dreaming
StorrAnthonyFeet of ClayA study of gurus
StorrAnthonySolitudeA return to self
SussmanLinda SchierseSpeech & the GrailA Journey Toward Speaking That Heals & Transforms
van der PostLaurensJung & the Story of Our Time
VariousBritish Journal of Psychotherapy Summer 2003
VariousDepth Psychology: Meditations in the Field. ( Essays from Pacifica Graduate Institute )Edited Dennis Patrick Slattery/ Linel Corbett
VariousGrief & the Healimg Arts, Creativity as TherapyEdited Sandra l. Bertman
VariousHuman Survival & Conciousness EvolutionCollection of Essays
VariousMan & His SymbolsEdited C.G. Jung
VariousMirrors of the SelfArchetype Images That Shape Your Life
Various,Meeting the Shadow, The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Natureincl. Jung, Bly, Campbell, Hillman, von Franz
von FranzMarie-LouiseAlchemyIntroduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology
von FranzMarie-LouiseInterpretation of Fairytales
von FranzMarie-LouiseOn Divination & SynchronicityThe Psychology of Meaningful Chance
von FranzMarie-LouisePsyche & Matter
von FranzMarie-LouisePuer Aeternus
von FranzMarie LouiseThe Problem of Puer Aeternus
Watts/WilliamsFraser/MarkThe Pschology of Religious Knowing
WehrDemaris S.Jung & FeminismLiberating Archetypes
WelwoodJohnJourney of the heartThe Path of Conscious Love
WhitmontEdward C.Return of the Goddess
WilhelmRichardThe Secret of the Golden Flower, A Chinese Book of LifeCommentary C.G. Jung
WilhelmRichardThe Secret of the Golden Flower, A Chinese Book of LifeCommentary C.G. Jung
WilliamsDonald LeeBorder CrossingsA Psychological perspective on Carlos casteneda's Path of knowledge
WoodmanMarionAddiction to Perfection
WoodmanMarionConscious FemininityInterviews with marion Woodman
Marion/ElinorDancing In The Flames
WoolgerJennifer Barker/ RogerThe Goddess WithinA guide to the eternal Myths that shape women's lives
YeatsW.B.The Celtic TwilightMyth, Fantasy & Folklore
Polly/ FlorenceFemale Authority
Young-EisendrathPollyHags & Heros
ZellerMaxThe DreamThe vision of the night
Zweig/ WolfConnie/SteveRomancing the ShadowA guide to Soul Work

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