October 2018

with Jungian Analyst Joel Kroker

Friday October 12th, 2018 7:00pm

Stan Hagen Theatre, North Island College

Human beings have a natural inclination to relate to that which is sacred, transcendent and numinous. We do this in many varied forms across cultures, ages, belief systems and socio-economic divides. The numinous Other touches our life on a personal level through suffering, relationships and dreams and it touches us on a collective archetypal level through politics, shared experience and through the profound impact of religious imagery and tradition. Since raw interaction with the numinous void can be transcendent or destructive, there are forms that have built up through spiritual traditions that clothe this primordial formlessness with archetypal images that point to the core of its nonconceptuality. One of these “formless forms” is Carl Jung’s conception of the Self, which became the core archetype of wholeness and personal development within his life’s work and the resultant field of Analytical Psychology. Within Buddhism, we find another example of an archetypal image that communicates something about the direct experience of formlessness, which is sometimes referred to as the Buddhanature.

In Jungian analytical work, Jung stressed that the analyst start with a stance of unknowing (particularly with dream images), thus allowing the formless to communicate through taking on various forms within the interactive field. In Buddhism the impermanence of all that arises takes precedence over the habitual grasping that it triggers in us as it arises and decays from moment to moment, and in Jungian analytical work, the analysis can offer a temenos for the fluidity of soul image as it integrates impossible polarities via the transcendent function.

Due to these striking similarities between Jung’s ‘Self’ and Buddhist articulations of the Buddhanature, perhaps these are two languages that have the capability to touch a primordial common underlying truth which can only be fully discovered through the practice of direct experience.

In this experiential lecture we will explore these relationships and how they show up in potent and profound ways in our daily lives and throughout the life cycle as we continue along the individuation journey. TICKETS AT THE DOOR (Cash only please): $20 for non-members/public and $15 for members/students. Memberships are available at the event for $15 for the year (Sept 2018-June 2019) and get you $5 off every lecture and access to our amazing growing Jungian library (150+ books).